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  • bio-gil-neuman

    Gil Neuman

    Chief Executive Officer

    Gil is the heart and soul of Kent Security. He has been with the company since its earliest days and has proudly held just about…

  • bio-orly-alexander

    Orly Alexander

    Chief Financial Officer

    Orly Alexander is the CFO and co-founder of Kent Security. In 1982, after emigrating from Israel with practically no money but with a wealth of…

  • bio-shelly

    Shelly Tygielski

    President, Kent Services Incorporated

    Shelly is a woman of action. She does not stop at roadblocks. She does not let barriers stand in her way. She is absolutely relentless…

  • bio-alon-alexander

    Alon Alexander

    President, Kent Services New York

    Alon lives and breathes Kent Services. He grew up in the business and, worked his way up through the company, following the example of his…

  • bio-garrent-machine

    Garret Machine

    Director of Training

    His name is very appropriate. Garrett Machine is a tried-and-true security machine. He has over a decade of intensive military, law enforcement and counter terrorism…

  • bio-avi-lupo

    Avi Lupo

    President, Kent Technologies

    Avi Lupo has over 30 years of Management experience in the security industry. He has served as the CEO of FST21 America, a security technology…