Data Centers

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Kent Services provides data centers across the country with the forethought, cost-efficiencies and risk mitigation they require. We employ military-grade data center security protocols to protect all of our clients’ physical assets. We provide everything from onsite data center security officers to the most cutting-edge video surveillance and remote monitoring of the exteriors and interiors of each facility.

Our technicians and systems engineers can assist with everything from the security design of a new data center to the installation of the most rigorous access control solutions such as: biometric and key card access coupled with real-time reporting; solutions that prevent tailgating and perimeter fencing.

Kent’s clients are able to provide their customers with peace of mind that their critical information systems are secure and protected at all times against unauthorized access and infiltration.  In fact, when many of our clients market our physical security systems to their clients, using it as a differentiator when showcasing their center’s benefits and capabilities.