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Manufacturing and industrial complexes have large inventories, expensive equipment, multiple access points, high traffic volume, large and dynamic staffing, and other heightened security challenges.

Kent is a single-source provider that can deliver the technology and manpower needed to lock down your facility, secure your assets and protect your people. We’ll develop a site-specific operations plan incorporating the most advanced surveillance and monitoring technology in the business.

Our solutions don’t just protect. They prevent with real-time analytic software that transforms analog or IP cameras into an active security force ready to spring into action. Using biometric science such as motion, sound, and heat, Kent technology instantly detects events that don’t follow the “rules” set by your team. The moment one occurs, a real-time alert with a live video feed is sent to our Command Center, where Kent Officers see everything unfold. They can confront perpetrators via loudspeakers and “voice down” the perpetrators, or they can mobilize on-site patrols and local authorities to the scene immediately.

The point is to detect and stop events before damage escalates.  Our Command Center has been successful in stopping thieves, vandals, unprofessional conduct, unsafe work practices, unsecured doors and access points, unauthorized personnel, and more.

From parking lots to warehouses to loading docks to transportation channels to the factory floor, Kent delivers the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing your facility is under active, vigilant watch 24/7.

Kent Secures
  • Shipping
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouse/Storage
  • Industrial Parks
  • Factories
  • Ports/Railways

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