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No Cards. No Codes. You Are The Key

Imagine walking up to a doorway. In seconds, the characteristics of your face are captured, analyzed and identified. The door opens and you enter. No fumbling for a keycard. No balancing bags, while trying to punch in an access code. No need to push the elevator button to take you to your floor.  You are automatically taken to the appropriate location.  Today, using space-age biometrics, KENT brings you proprietary Facial Recognition, a solution as unique as every person who lives or works in your building.

Human Factors

Peace-of-Mind: From a security standpoint, Facial Recognition is unbeatable. Cards can’t be lost. Codes can’t be compromised. Human error is eliminated. Residents and tenants know they are absolutely secure.

Prestige: This technology is stunning. It adds prestige to any address, wows visitors, and becomes the topic of conversation among friends and neighbors.

Convenience: Life is easier without keycards or codes. Entry is instant, hands-free and there’s nothing to forget or lose.

Financial Factors

Reasonable Investment: Our technology is surprisingly affordable, particularly when included as part of a complete Kent Services package.

Increases Property Values/Occupancy: Adds exclusivity, improving property appeal. Helps increase values for owners and provides an attractive feature for renters.

Lowers Manpower Costs – Our system reduces your reliance on doormen and guards, delivering excellent long-term savings.

Additional Capabilities

Speaker Recognition: The system validates a person’s identity using distinct voice characteristics.

Speech Recognition: The system recognizes select words and commands. When visitors speak the name of a tenant, the system knows exactly who to call.

Emotion Detection: This amazing feature analyzes the emotional content of a conversation – pitch, intensity, and intonation – to assess a situation. The system can tell if a resident or tenant is in danger!

V-Key™ Mobile App: The Virtual Key Mobile Application works on any smartphone platform and allows you to provide your dog-walker, contractor, cleaning lady, nanny or guests with limited access to your unit or floor. You can set up immediate notification alerts that can be sent to you as a text message or email, when your guest gains access.