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Hope is not a strategy:

An event occurs and, with any luck, you hope that a camera records it. You spend hours watching footage in the hopes of piecing together what happened. But the damage is done. People are upset. You’re too late.

Remote Monitoring with Smart Cameras:

When an event begins, our Smart Cameras instantly sense it and begin recording. More importantly, they start broadcasting live to our remote Central Station, monitored 24/7 by Kent Officers. They’re watching the scene unfold in real time and can confront our suspect via a loudspeaker mounted on the Smart Camera.

“Hey! You in the green shirt and blue jeans! We see you.  Security is on their way!”

The suspect reels in disbelief. He knows he’s being watched, gets cold feet and takes off. The event is over before it can escalate. Crisis averted.

What If He Doesn’t Flee?

We immediately notify our on-site Kent Patrols, mobilizing them to the scene in seconds. If the situation warrants, we can also call police, fire or emergency medical teams to the scene. Instant detection always prevents further escalation.

Patrol On Your Tablet.

Integrating this technology with tablets provide Roving Patrols, Gate Guards or Front Desk staff with the same real-time feed as our Central Station. It works exactly the same way. Except this time, when an incident occurs, your onsite security team is also alerted and can rush to the scene or call for the nearest Kent Officer, or call for law enforcement back-up.

Custom Configured To Your Environment.

Our hardware and software can detect traffic patterns, human motion, direction of movement, heat signatures, audio levels and other metrics.  We’ll set up your system to the parameters that work best to secure your people and assets. If you already have cameras, we can upgrade hardware and add software to transform them into Smart Solutions. Our goal is to minimize your investment and maximize your security.

Ask About FREE Equipment & Installation!

Often, we can include our Remote Monitoring technology FREE as part of a complete Kent Security Program. This saves you even more!

Other KENT Advantages
  • We install and service all equipment.
  • We guarantee free maintenance and repair for life*.
  • All data is hosted remotely via a cloud-based server.
  • Integrates with guard gates, front desks, controlled access systems and more.
  • Available License Plate Recognition (LPR) feature.
  • Secure all access points, indoor and outdoor public areas, parking lots and more.
  • Free training for all required personnel.

*As long as Kent officers are providing security services on-site.