24/7 Dispatch & IP Monitoring

The best surveillance systems monitored by the best professionals.

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At absolutely no cost to you, Kent will install a high-speed internet feed that sends a real-time signal from every camera on your site to our 24/7 Dispatch Center. This is where our massive servers host every recorded minute captured by our surveillance systems.

It is also where a team of trained Kent Officers monitor what’s happening at your site around the clock. Our pros watch for suspicious behavior, unauthorized personnel and even minor disturbances that could escalate into something more serious.  They also keep an eye on our own officers to ensure that you always get the most phenomenal service.  The moment they see any questionable activity, they will alert you, your onsite officers, or the authorities immediately.

It’s Easy to See the Advantages

Key Features at a Glance

24/7 Service

We man our Dispatch Center with trained security officers, who monitor the real-time feeds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’re always on the job, even during natural disasters such as major storms.

Enhanced Security

The moment one of our officers notices unauthorized or suspicious behavior at your site; we’ll contact you and the authorities immediately.

Policing Ourselves

We being you the most thoroughly vetted and well-trained security officers and service professionals. However, we leave nothing to chance. Using our own cameras and Dispatch Center, we monitor the performance of our Kent Professionals. If they miss a post assignment, we’ll know it. If they’re not being vigilant, our Dispatch Officers will see it. Any impropriety will be found out. We take these steps because we are adamant about meeting the highest service standards.

Offsite Video Storage

Every minute of video captured is stored and cataloged at our secure Dispatch Center, so reviewing recorded footage is easy and efficient.