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At Kent, we bring you a full arsenal of the most cutting edge cameras and surveillance equipment. Some of them are improvements on existing technology. Much of them mark the next generation of science and engineering. All of them are installed, serviced and guaranteed by Kent. Should you ever have a problem, you’ll never have to rely on a third party company. You make one call and we can fix it or replace it.

Kent Camera & Surveillance solutions

Key Features at a Glance

Closed Circuit Cameras

Installed in critical areas and monitored 24 hours a day at our Dispatch Center or locally by your onsite team. Our Cameras offer the highest definition visibility, in day or night time conditions with the highest quality recording devices whether stored to a DVR, a local server, or to the cloud. We also use these cameras to ensure out Kent Officers are at their posts and living up to the high standards we demand.

Analytic “Smart” Cameras

These cameras do what humans can’t – they never stop watching! We call them “smart cameras” because they detect motion, sound, heat signatures and other biometrics. Once triggered, they instantly alert a team of remote guards at our Central Command Center and begin transmitting a real-time video feed. Guard’s watch incidents unfold as they are happening and can voice down suspects via loudspeakers, mobilize Kent Patrols to the scene and notify authorities.

24-Hour Dispatch Center

Monitored by trained experts, this command post never sleeps and is always ready to mobilize forces and contact authorities. Our Dispatch Center provides remote back-up support to officers on-site and can send live back-up support, such as road supervisor to help support your team.

24-hour Command Center

This offsite location is staffed by trained remote Officers who are instantly alerted when one of our “smart cameras” is triggered. They watch everything happen in real time and can engage perpetrators via loudspeakers, mobilize onsite officers to the scene and immediately notify the appropriate authorities.

Roving Patrols

Technology is key to surveillance. But so are top-notch Kent Officers. Armed with the best training in the industry, roving patrols remotely patrol your environment with a watchful eye and a true understanding of how to manage any threat or event, for the fraction of the price!

Point of View Cameras

When you want to monitor our officers for quality assurance purposes or monitor your guests and each transaction that occurs, Point of View cameras are discrete and can fit on the lapel of an Officers uniform and record both video and sound.