The Kent K-9 Unit

Our Four-Legged Force

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The Kent K-9 Unit takes the bite out of would-be intruders primarily through the art of intimidation.  They respond to threats with keen intuition and a fierce display of power, that’s often enough to deter anyone considering breaching your perimeter.  These amazing animals are highly trained to detect contraband anywhere on your campus by sniffing out the location or perpetrator.

But make no mistake about it; these dogs are as thoroughly trained as their handlers.  K-9 Forces deliver genuine security advantages, including the ability to track and safely capture trespassers; the ability to sniff out clues and locate evidence; and the ability to assist in almost any type of emergency.

Kent K-9 Units Are Ideal For:
  • Private or Public Schools
  • Transit Locations
  • Sea Ports and Airports
  • Secluded Communities/Businesses
  • High Profile Businesses
  • Environments with Expansive or Open Perimeters
  • Any Area with High Crime Risk