Kent Service Ambassadors

Stellar Customer Care and Upscale Security

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Perhaps your environment is one where security is best provided in an unobtrusive and highly approachable manner.  For you, we’ve assembled a team of professionals we call Kent Service Ambassadors.

Their training mirrors that of concierges and front desk professionals at the world’s premier hotels and resorts.  They are, in essence, five-star service experts.  However, they also are trained at our Kent Academy to be fully capable in critical areas of security, including crisis management, emergency response, CPR and threat awareness.

To your residents or tenants, they are friendly faces who are always on hand looking out for the property and welcoming guests.  To you, they are experts thoroughly trained to serve and secure your people and property in the most seamless manner possible.

Kent Service Ambassadors are ideal for: corporate headquarters, upscale retail environments, private schools, colleges/universities, sales centers, hospitals and more.

Your Specialized Service and Security Team

Key Features at a Glance


Service Ambassadors put people at ease and help create a friendly, stress-free environment.


Our team receives “five-star” service training to provide a level of personal attention you’d expect from leading hotels and resorts.


The uniforms worn by Kent Service Ambassadors are marked different than those of our Security Officers. They reflect an upscale, service-oriented image that can be customized to your environment.

Enhanced Image

This program is designed to enhance the high-end appeal of your community or building by delivering a level of service that goes far beyond standard security programs.

Solid Security

Our Ambassadors are trained to move seamlessly from service professionals to security experts. Your people and property are in the best of hands.