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Off Site and Yet Always On the Scene

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Kent Remote Guards are your eye in the sky, vigilantly watching over your property, residents, tenants and guests from a state-of-the-art Command Center.  They may not be on site, but rest assured, no team can provide a better job of threat awareness and crime prevention than Kent Remote Guards.

Here’s how it works.  Kent will install new analytic “smart” cameras; upgrading your current systems to detect motion, sound, heat signatures, light changes and any other parameters you choose.  Once triggered, they will instantly alert the Kent Remote Guards watching at our Central Command Center and begin transmitting a real time video feed of the event.  Our guards will hear the alert, see everything happening in real time and spring into action, mobilizing our onsite patrols to the scene; notifying local authorities; even engaging directly with perpetrators via mounted loudspeakers, which is usually enough to send them running.

This is the most proactive and effective threat prevention system on the market today.

You can hope for things to work out.  Or you can know that Kent Remote Guards are protecting your people and property without ever missing a beat.

Kent Delivers the Most Advanced Security Solutions

Key Features at a Glance


No system does more to stop incidents in their tracks and prevent escalation and further damage than Kent Remote Guards.

Free Installation

As part of a complete Kent Solution, we can install new cameras or upgrade current systems possibly even at no charge to you!

Lifetime Guarantee

Kent installs, services and guarantees all equipment. We provide free maintenance for life, and if anything goes wrong, you call us and we’ll fix or replace it at no charge.

Long-Term Savings

Kent Remote Guards improve security while reducing your dependence on large on-site forces. Over the long-term the savings add up!


Residents, tenants and guests will feel more secure knowing that the world’s most advanced preventative security system is ion the job.

Easy Integration

We can upgrade your outdated “traditional” cameras and transform them into biometric cameras that work with our Remote Guard System.