Security Design and Assessments

Designing Your Customized Solution

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All of Kent’s security systems — whether security, access control, video surveillance or an integrated system — are custom designed based on your individual requirements and budget. We represent a wide variety of the industry’s leading brands and manufacturers, which allows us to select the best solution for your needs.

Our initial design meeting starts with a discussion of your current business operations and procedures or by looking at your new construction blueprints, reviewing your security concerns and future plans. Our certified technicians then conduct an on-site survey of your facility or review drawings/plans for future facilities with particular attention to vulnerable and high-risk areas.

Our design team then reviews your project and selects the appropriate system to meet your current needs with the ability to expand to meet your future plans. We then present you with our proposal that includes a menu of options and solutions for your review. Our proposal often includes Auto CAD drawings showing the system solution for your project.

A properly installed system should last many years, be trouble free or with few problems and not have false alarms.