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Irrespective of the progress in technology, security guards are a vital component in the security system of every building, whether it is a home, office, commercial building, retail establishment, restaurant, airport, railway station…the list goes on and on. The professional security officer is usually the first person on the scene and is trained to observe people around, as well as within, the premises.

Even though the crime rate is decreasing in New York, security guards are essential for homes, offices, educational institutes, and other public buildings to ensure the safety of people and property.

Security Guards

Security guards can be seen providing protection to the public in different locations including municipal buildings, retail stores, and office buildings. You will even find security officers working as transportation security screeners, and gaming surveillance officers. Some of these guards may even be armed so that they are readily prepared to tackle adverse situations.

The job of a security guard is not very easy. The vast majority of guards are on their toes either patrolling buildings and grounds or performing other specific tasks. In fact, many times, these professionals have to work for longer hours or in shifts to provide comprehensive surveillance around the clock. It is often seen that security guards have a good deal of contact with public and employees. Even though the work looks to be routine, it can turn hazardous quickly and without warning.

What Does A Security Guard Do?

Typically, security officers:

  • Observe and report
  • Monitor closed-circuit TV cameras for suspicious activities
  • Protect the employer’s property
  • Conduct random security checks in different areas
  • Thoroughly check visitors before they enter the premises

Thus, it is imperative for these officers to remain alert, looking out for suspicious activities in and around the buildings they are guarding. They must be prepared to call the police, fire, or ambulance services for assistance during an emergency.

Sector-wise Job Responsibility

The job responsibility of a security guard varies from one employer to another. Thus, these professionals have to perform a myriad of duties as per the sector requirement.

In Retail Stores

Guards working in retail stores are responsible for protecting the people visiting the outlet along with the working staff. In addition to this, guards also ensure that all the records, equipment, money, and merchandise is secure. They are often involved with undercover store officers to avert theft by employees or customers, and detain shoplifters until the police arrive at the scene.

In Municipal Buildings

When protecting office buildings, banks, or hospitals guards ensure that law and order is maintained within the premises. They protect the organization’s customers, staff, and property from unruly clients who may cause a disruption in the normal day to day operation.

In Historical Places

For people visiting historical monuments, museums, exhibitions, or art galleries, security guards provide protection by observing all participants and inspecting packages and personal belongings upon entering and exiting the building.

In Highly Vulnerable Premises

The security guards working in government buildings, airports, railway stations, religious facilities, schools, and military bases protect critical information by checking the credentials of vehicles and personnel entering and leaving the premises. The step ensures that only authorized personnel can gain access.

At Universities and Sports Stadiums

Crowd control at universities and sports stadiums on game day is an uphill task. Diligent security guards work in coordination with police personnel to ensure things are always under control. Besides crowd control within the premises, the guards also supervise parking and seating, and direct traffic flow outside for smooth passage.

Transportation Security Screeners

Guards working as transportation security screeners shield people, transportation equipment, and freight at train stations, airports, and other transportation facilities.

Wrapping Up

A security guard is often the first point of contact for a visitor entering any premises. They are trained to judge people from their behavior and body language. Thus, they can observe individuals who have the intention of causing harm to others. Whether your New York building is residential or commercial, you must consider employing security officers, in addition to the latest security technology, to protect your premises.

Even though the crime rate in Washington is on the decline, having a modern home security system in place is imperative. Securing your home is vital as it ensures the well being of your loved ones and safeguards your belongings. Oftentimes, people become too complacent or adopt the attitude that bad things only happen to others.

Remember Murphy’s Law “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong,” and the all-time popular quote “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Why not invest in something that will guard you against some of the unfortunate things that can occur?

Installing a modern home security system can admittedly be a costly affair, but not having one could prove to be an even more expensive matter. Here are a few reasons why you must install a modern security technology system at home or upgrade your existing home alarm system to match up with the current trends.

Protection from Intruders

Without a doubt, this is one of the biggest reasons why homeowners should invest in installing a modern home security system. According to the book “Securing Home and Business” by Simon Hakim/Erwin Blackstone, burglars are 2.7 times more likely to strike a home that does not include modern security technology. If a thief forces entry into a home equipped with a security system, the warning alarm not only alerts the home occupants, but also informs the local authorities, allowing for a hopefully quick resolution.

Offers Peace of Mind

Knowing that both your home and family are always protected from a variety of devastating scenarios undoubtedly offers you peace of mind. If you have to leave your children or aged parents alone in the home, this peace of mind becomes invaluable. Installing the latest security technology ensures every corner of the house is monitored and it can alert the authorities when necessary. Thus, homeowners will not have to be concerned about the safety of their loved ones while being away from home.

Preserve Your Valuables

Over the years, we purchase and collect a slew of valuable items, some of which are sentimental inheritances while others are big ticket purchases. All these belongings reflect our taste, who we are, and what we have accomplished. While these possessions are just materialistic items for a burglar, we have an emotional attachment to them; hence, you must not allow a thief take away such valuable properties. It is estimated that the US sees about 2.5 million cases of burglaries across thin the course of a year. A smart security system will deter burglars from carrying out the crime and alert the local authorities. If the thieves are successful with the break-in, law enforcement will have been alerted during the act, increasing the likelihood of apprehension.

Allows Monitoring Of Your Home Remotely

Keeping an eye on your home even when you are away is one of the biggest benefits that modern security technology offers. Homeowners can connect the security system to their smartphones and track what is happening in their home at all times. In fact, some systems even permit control of home appliances from remote locations, allowing you to turn lights on or off, raise or lower air conditioner temperatures, lock and unlock doors or windows…the list goes on and on. With real time live video feed, you will know who is entering and leaving your home.

In The End

By investing in the latest security technology in Washington, you would even be able to secure less frequented areas of the home such as the basement or the garage. Don’t miss out on installing a modern home security system or upgrading your current system with the latest security technology.

Even though the crime rate is relatively low in Washington, you should not become complacent. You must ensure your business is well-protected because you really don’t know what goes on when you’re not there to see it firsthand.

Although having a business is a rewarding way to earn a living, it also makes you responsible for securing the company and the employees who assist you in making it all possible.

Protecting Your Business

One of the best practices to secure your business, employees, and consumers is to integrate video surveillance with your security system. Doing this provides you with watchful eyes that discourage crime and keeps you informed in real time. If you are unsure how video monitoring can safeguard your Washington business, here are a few points on how to do things the right way.

Monitor the Stock Rooms

If you are in retail or have a stock room for office supplies, installing a surveillance system to monitor entry, exit, and product delivery can help you cut down your losses. The video monitoring system can help you administer personnel who may be stealing items because they feel there are no eyes on them.

Moreover, these cameras are handy when the stock rooms are located in a remote location like the back access hallways of shopping malls. You will be able to monitor access to the room as well as the hallway, to ensure the safety of your employees and the safekeeping of your stock.

Administer the Cash Handling and POS Transactions

Do you sense that there may be a shortage of cash from the cash register itself or from bank deposits? Installing security surveillance cameras to monitor the transactions at POS terminals or cash handling areas can help you check what’s happening and possibly confirm if, when, and how you’re losing money.

Observe Employee Conduct

There is an old adage: “If the cat’s away, the mice will play”. If you are concerned about what your employees may be doing in your absence, security cameras are a great way to monitor on-the-job employee conduct. Mounting cameras near workspaces and in common areas allows you to observe what is happening in the office and curb unnecessary in-office socializing to increase productivity.

Increase Safety in Parking Areas

Apart from gaining customer satisfaction for your in-the-store services, you must also ensure that their vehicles are safe as well. Placing security cameras in parking areas will also ensure the safety of your employees– especially when they have to cover a considerable distance from the parking area in the hours before or after daylight. Video monitoring can help curb vehicle break-ins and vandalism, which significantly improves the personal safety of your customers and employees when they enter and exit the premises.

Keep an Eye on the Rear Entrances

If your store has a back door that opens onto alleys or parking areas, make sure you have them covered. These are these types of locations that criminals target when trying to gain unlawful access to your property. Installing security cameras near back entrances discourages forced entry. It also lets your employees feel safe when opening the door to take out the trash, for example, or accept a legitimate delivery.

Final Words

Video monitoring in Washington is an ideal way of ensuring that your premises, employees, and customers feel secure at all times. Search for a trustworthy service provider to have an adequate surveillance management plan in place.

Technology is ever-present in the workplace, and in recent years, the use of latest security tools and equipment by corporations has only seen a surge. Different types of electronic equipment including GPS systems and biometric devices that were reserved for military or scientific facilities are now being installed at the workplace. In addition to this, CCTV cameras and face recognition systems have found their way into corporations because of they are easy to use and cheap to install.

However, people are still skeptical about the intrusion of “too much technology”. It is essential for us to understand the importance of security measures in the workplace.

Why Have Security Measures?

Adopting various security measures at the workplace helps to ensure that everyone is safe from violence and harm. Also, modern security systems can protect companies from unwanted happenings like thefts and burglaries.

Incidents of break-ins with the motive of theft often lead to someone being seriously injured. Thus, putting the right security in place helps in eliminating such risks at the workplace.

The workplace security measures should be designed in a manner that:

  • Employees are safe from office violence or abuse or harassment
  • Office premises are secure from outside threats
  • Enough evidence is available to initiate quick actions against the offender(s)

Defining your security needs hinge on the following parameters

  • The location and accessibility of your workplace
  • Omnipresent risks your employees face
  • Nature of the work performed in the office premises

Your response to different office security related issues must be go hand and hand with the needs and preferences of the situation. You must plan security measures that are flexible and will assist you on a case-by-case basis. For instance, storing the recorded footage of surveillance cameras for nearly a month can help nab a culprit even if the particulars are not immediately noticed or reported.

Need for Security Measures

We have all heard the saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Though it is widely used in reference to health, it holds true even in the case of office security. The saying highlights the constant need to have safety measures at the workplace in place. The ideal way to start off is by installing surveillance cameras to secure the premises and help the employee feel at ease, all the time.

An employee facing harassment or abuse is vulnerable at work. He or she is always aware and often afraid of the abuser, which may directly impact job performance. So, while installing the latest high tech gadgets is usually done to keep an eye on the overall office environment, it also provides you with the means to monitor and record interactions between coworkers. This could provide invaluable insight and information which may be needed to defuse or clarify potentially troublesome situations.

Furthermore, in the case of break-ins and burglaries the dependency and reliability of advanced night vision cameras are growing. Use of these modern cameras and technology can provide evidence to the security forces and help them apprehend offenders quickly.

Final Words

Undoubtedly technology is one of the biggest boons to corporations, as it gives them the opportunity to improve overall work performance and increase security on their premises. At the same time, it helps in collecting data more regularly and prevents potential threats to employees. Thus, setting up security measures at the workplace is one of the major steps that companies must take today.

Installing surveillance cameras or a face recognition system and having on-site security personnel are a few measures that most people take when it comes to securing their offices, homes, or other premises. However, in addition to these modern systems, you can even invest in remote guard service to ensure the safety and well-being of your employees or family.

Now, if you are wondering what this service is all about, keep reading.

Remote Guard Service

Remote guards are like eyes in the sky. They attentively guard your property and its occupants from a technologically advanced center. Even though they are not physically on the site, you can be assured that your property is secure.

How Does it Work?

The mechanics of remote guard service is quite simple. The agency you contact will install modern analytic smart cameras at your premises. If you already have a surveillance system to protect your property; they will upgrade it accordingly.

Once set up, the modern system will sense motion and sound, detect light changes and heat signatures. Whenever the system picks up any unwanted movement, it triggers an alert, which cautions the remote guards at the central command center.

The guards, through real-time video, can see everything happening in and around the property. If they sense any trouble, they’ll spring into action and mobilize the onsite patrol team as well as notify the local authorities about the incident. Additionally, the remote guards can directly engage with the offenders via installed loudspeakers that are often enough to scare the intruders away.

What Benefits do You gain by Investing in This Service?

This preemptive and efficient threat deterrence system brings a lot to the table.

Its Preventive

This modernized system is one of the best when it comes to preventing incidents before they happen. Since the remote personnel receives non-stop live feeds of the premises, you can reasonably expect less significant damage to life and property.

It Gives You Peace-of-Mind

Investing in a modern system gives you peace-of-mind, as you no longer have to worry about the security of your office or home. Moreover, your employees and family members know that an advanced preventative security system is on the job, allowing them to feel a lot safer.

Easy to Integrate with Your Current System

Even if you have traditional surveillance cameras, you can easily upgrade or transform them into modern biometric cameras that can be integrated with a remote guard system. Therefore, your premises will be secured from trespassers and unwanted intruders.

Bottom Line

Security systems have been in use for a long time and with the marked advancements in technology, these systems are providing a sense of calmness and safety both at home and at work. With a remote guard system, your employees and family will feel, and in fact BE, more secure.

Security is the talk of the town. From investing in the latest technology surveillance cameras to modern facial recognition systems, companies are leaving no stone unturned to ensure the safety of their premises. As important as the equipment is however, adding a physical security force to the technology will enhance security a hundred fold.

With 3,010 crimes per 100k people taking place in Tampa, the implementation of strict security measures in offices and home is critical. However, before lying on a bed of roses people have to be wary of thorns. This is the case with security guard companies in Tampa. Why? Let’s find out.

Service Not Up to the Mark

It is a fact that most of the security officers in Tampa are either unqualified or unmotivated, which limits their professional service. Many times, security guards are hired only to fill vacant slots, with little or no forethought to the bigger picture of ensuring whether or not they can truly protect and guard the premises. Rather than taking a proactive approach, the guards are content to observe and report.

There is a genuine need for improvement in security service in the city of Tampa. A few measures that can be implemented to improve security officer service are discussed below.

Improving Your Security Guard Service

Screen Guards Qualifications

Before security officers can begin working professionally, they undergo strict training. Various security agencies have a training regimen for the selected candidates that meet the industry standards. However, if you are not too confident about the claims of the company, you may want to investigate the type and style of training being implemented by the security firm to verify if it is adequate.

A good option is to conduct a short interview with the security guard before they are assigned to your property to explain your unique requirements and to get a feel for the officer. This will confirm that the men and women who are provided by the security agency are prepared and polished and will meet your expectations.

Review the Supervision

Solid and consistent supervision of the security officer is one of the most important factors of a good security guard service. A company not providing proper supervision indicates that it is not paying enough attention to avoiding mistakes, problems, and complaints. The absence of oversight also takes away the opportunity for the officer to learn and to improve his work. The unsupervised officer may develop a feeling that his work is not that significant, which can lead to unacceptable practices including unprofessional behavior, tardiness, inattention, and even theft.

It is very important to research and confirm that your security guard company has a system in place to supervise the work of the security officers. Officer tour tracking systems and officer check-ins are two ways to oversee the professionals remotely. You can even ask the agency to implement these methods so as to ensure the safety of your property.

Inspect the Officers

You must take the time to conduct after hours inspections of your guards. These random spot-checks will help you know what’s being done to keep your premises secure while you are not present. During the check discuss the duties and responsibilities of the security officer so that you are confident s/he understands his or her job.

Meet With the Security Company Often

Organize regular meetings with your security company to provide regular feedback on the service. Without your feedback, the company will never know if they are meeting your expectations or falling short.  Partner with the security company to come up with a clear-cut action plan together so you will receive the best service possible for your premises.

Bottom Line

For property owners or business heads, safekeeping of their premises is sometimes just a matter of putting the right procedures in place. It is vital that everyone involved in the security process understand what is expected and what they need to do to meet the expectations. These steps are just an outline for you to consider, there’s lot more you can do to improve the security officer service of your property in Tampa.

Security officers are the need of the hour. Not only do you need to install modern technology like surveillance cameras, facial recognition software, and other advanced tools, but you also need to have security personnel deployed at the site to ensure tight security at work and at home.

With approximately 19,170 robberies, 16,606 burglaries, and 117,931 thefts reported in New York City in 2013, the citizens of NYC have every reason to worry about the security of their homes and offices. However security is the bright light at the end of the crime tunnel. There are many contract security guard companies in New York that can help you in your quest of securing the premises. These businesses provide different types of security personnel, all of which are capable of solving a variety of problems.

Forms of Security Force

  • Front desk/guard gate
  • Uniformed officers
  • Plain clothes protection
  • Unarmed/armed security guards
  • Uniformed private labeled guards

You can invest in one of these security forces or can have a multi-layer of security forces to protect your premises. You may be comfortable with front desk/guard gate security to oversee your residential or commercial facility, or you may want to add uniformed officers or plain clothes personnel. However, the big question is why security guards are so important even in this age of advanced technology?

What Makes Security Guards Pivotal?


Rigorously Trained

Most security agencies hire personnel and provide rigorous training and licensing programs to ensure they provide their clients with skilled security personnel. These officers are trained in customer service, crisis management, threat awareness, anti-terrorism and many other critical areas, able to provide exceptional help at times of crises.

Crisis Experts

Most of these officers are well-trained in crisis and emergency management. Whenever the situation demands, the officers are up to the task, and they put their lives on the line to ensure you are safe & sound.


You will often see security officers wearing clean, crisp, uniforms maintaining a well-groomed personal appearance. They adhere to a strict code of conduct too, which is a testimonial to their professional commitment. Having such personnel around adds to the comfort level of office professionals and loved ones at home.

Wrapping Up

Whenever there’s burglary or theft, victims are usually very frightened by the perpetrators. Any personal help at the time of crisis is welcomed. While modern devices capture the images and videos that can assist the police to nab the culprit, the security officers present at the crime scene can often foil the robbery or theft attempt. Hence, having a security staff to guard your New York home or office is vital for the protection and peace of mind your family and staff deserve.

The world of security technology has witnessed many changes over the last few years. From wired video surveillance and passcodes, we have moved on to wireless cameras and facial recognition.

In fact, it can be said that in this age of wearable tech and multi-factor authentication, the human face has become the digital ID that authenticates the person. It does sound exciting but before implementing it in your office or highly private space, it is important to know how facial recognition technology works and what precautions are to be taken.

The Advancing Technology

Facial recognition technology was in experimental stages in the 1960s. However, today, with the advancement of science and technology the security technology is automatic and supported by sophisticated computer power.

Half a century ago it would have been difficult to imagine that the experiment would be so omnipresent and significant from today’s security point of view. Presently, it is used by security professionals as well as the government to protect sensitive information. In fact, the technology also has consumer benefit as it can help to password-protect a device.

Current Application

It is easy to say that the technology behind facial recognition is just getting started and still has miles to go before it reaches its peak.

Implemented by Software Developing Giants

Today, software giants like Microsoft are using facial-recognition software as a way to authenticate people in Windows 10 while Apple is reportedly finding ways for its users to share photos with tagged friends automatically.

Social Platforms

On the other hand, social networking users have already had a brush with the technology when they were able to tag friends on social networking platforms like Facebook and Google.

In Public Places

Recent years have seen a widespread predominance of facial recognition at airports and other public areas.

Also, there have been reports that professors in China have created a facial recognition ATM–the world’s first.

Still Evolving To Be Foolproof in Future

Security technologies are on an inevitable rise, and facial recognition systems seem to be an integral part of the technology. However, there are various challenges that the world faces before we can be sure about the technology. As per a BBC report on London riots in 2011, UK police could only identify one person from 4,000 images taken at the time.

Besides this, there have been questions on privacy and data transparency while using the security technology.

However, among these concerns one thing is understandable – the facial recognition feature enhances the security level, which is highly critical in confidential matters.

Wrapping Up

Whatever you think of the facial recognition technology, one thing is clear – this security technology is here to stay. If you happen to consider installing it at your facility, make sure you understand how it functions and what you stand to gain from it.

Though the crime rate in West Palm Beach is low, thieves will always come calling, which is why you need to be on guard and protect your home or office from potential break-ins or thefts. It is vital for business owners to take a stand and secure their workplace against such miss happenings.

Often investing in a video surveillance system is seen as unnecessary or unimportant to business however, holding on to such beliefs is really just not good for business. You never know who or what can strike your company, from internal conspiracies like theft or bogus claims to break-ins.

Video surveillance at your workplace in West Palm Beach can assist in monitoring operations and employee productivity, as well as in identifying cases of internal theft and fraud.

Let’s discuss the positive impacts of video monitoring in greater detail.

Top Reasons to Have Video Monitoring in the Workplace

To Guard against Break-ins and Thefts

Offices are vulnerable to break-ins, especially when there is valuable equipment on the premises like computers. Installing a security camera on the exterior of your building can not only help in developing a sense of security at the workplace, but can also assist the police identify and possibly nab the culprits quickly if such a break-in occurs.

To Register Better Productivity

The old cliché – when the cat’s away, the mice will play – is often true in the workplace. Many employees are found tending to their own personal business or pleasure while at work – especially when the boss is away. By installing surveillance cameras you can create a more professional atmosphere in the workplace even when you are away. For example, cameras will help you monitor whether your employees are punctual and whether or not they are spending more time with their phones or talking with co-workers than they normally would if you were in sight. Of course, it is ok to relax a little at work; however, taking things too easy can impact productivity, which will result in poor business performance. Employee productivity directly impacts your business.

For Protection against False Claims

Getting hurt in the workplace is quite common. However, what is shocking is that fraudulent slip-and-fall cases are increasing every year. Moreover, incidents of harassment and on-premise arguments between employees are commonly reported. All these claims need to be investigated, reviewed, and verified. Video evidence can be crucial to determining exactly what occurred.

To Reclaim Losses

Employee theft is probably one of the last things you expect to experience. Let’s say for example, you deal with the shipment of precious cargo. Unfortunately, there can be instances when an employee can take advantage of the situation and steal items that can significantly impact your bottom line. By utilizing high-quality surveillance cameras, you will have the video evidence necessary to provide to both the police and the insurance company when you attempt to recover the loss.

In Conclusion

It is up to you to secure your business. Monitoring the internal operations and assets of the workplace is critical to your business. With advancements in video surveillance technology, you can even get a live feed from your cameras at remote locations and view events in real time, no matter where you are. The notion that security equipment is expensive is a groundless. The reality is that not having security equipment will end up costing you much more. So, what are you waiting for? Invest in video monitoring at your office in West Palm Beach and secure your premises instantly.

Home security has become a very important concern for many people. Despite seeing a drop in crime rate in Washington, the stats can worry anyone. Property crime stands at 5,182.5 per 100,000 as reported in 2014. Making security arrangements at home it a must.
Today, the security products industry is fully dependent on continually evolving technology. The technology has drastically changed the way we monitor and protect our homes. What once seemed to be special effects in a Sci-Fi movie is gradually becoming our reality. This has been possible because of the digital revolution.
Let us see how improved security technology is helping us to secure our homes.

Smart Door Locks

Smart lock is perhaps the best home security feature. These locks make use of Bluetooth in your smartphone to detect your presence and unlock the door. If you install other smart devices in your home like a smart thermostat, then these digital door locks can connect with the home automation system to trigger these devices to switch to energy-saving mode while you are away. Besides Bluetooth locks, there are Wi-Fi locks as well. An advantage of Wi-Fi locks is that these locks allow you to ensure if the door is locked in real-time. However, the internet connection limits the functionality of the Wi-Fi locks and makes these vulnerable to online security breaches as well.

Fingerprint Scanners

Once the stuff of the ultimate spy films, fingerprint scanning is fast gaining popularity in our society. As long as you own a smartphone or tablet, you can implement fingerprint scanning door locks. The availability and popularity of this type of door lock is increasingly being used and can be an excellent alternative to the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth door locks.

Smart Cameras

Installing a security camera system is the leading step that people take to secure their premises. With the advancement of technology, security cameras have become “smarter” than ever. These modern smart cameras work efficiently with Wi-Fi connectivity and allow live streaming of what is going on at home in real time. Additionally, certain smart camera providers allow you to save these feeds to the cloud to be reviewed later.

Home Sensors

Premium home security kits are among the latest additions to home security technology. These home security kits are built to sense users’ presence and open or close doors automatically. Motion detection, winks, and waves are some ways in which home sensors detect your presence. Moreover, these sensors can easily be controlled using your smartphone or tablet. The system can be programmed to alert you via text or email if security is breached.

To Conclude

With so much to offer, modern home security tools and equipment are surely the best way to ensure the safety of your home.

Peace of Mind


From a security standpoint, Facial Recognition is unbeatable.  Cards can’t be lost.  Codes can’t be compromised.  Human error is eliminated.  Residents and tenants feel more secure because they are more secure.



This technology is stunning. It adds prestige to any address, wows visitors, and becomes the topic of conversation among friends and neighbors. It can even increase property values!

Upload Criminal Databases


The software allows you to upload databases from local or national criminal registries to alert you of any entry attempt.



Life is easier without keycards or codes. Entry is instant and entirely hands-free. No more digging through purses or setting down packages to find keys.

Reasonable Investment


This technology is surprisingly affordable, particularly when included as part of a complete Kent Services package.