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Are You Stuck at the Guard Gate? The New Era of Residential Security

May 1, 2014

Security has become the new buzzword among condominium and homeowners associations. Perhaps, that’s because it’s one of the most impactful improvements an association can make. After all, what’s more important than the safety and well-being of residents and their homes? What’s more important than offering peace-of-mind and protecting investments? Forget all the legal reasons communities require security. The real reason is because without it, your quality of life genuinely suffers and, your property values will plummet. However, like any other industry, time brings new ways of doing things and new ways of thinking. Today, associations have an incredible arsenal of burgeoning technology at their disposal. Concepts that just a few years ago were science fiction are now being integrated and employed at residential communities coast to coast. It’s a good thing, too, because it’s a new world out there. Threats are bigger. Crime has become a state-of-the-art pursuit. In other words, that guard gate or front desk is probably not enough anymore.

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Peace of Mind


From a security standpoint, Facial Recognition is unbeatable.  Cards can’t be lost.  Codes can’t be compromised.  Human error is eliminated.  Residents and tenants feel more secure because they are more secure.



This technology is stunning. It adds prestige to any address, wows visitors, and becomes the topic of conversation among friends and neighbors. It can even increase property values!

Upload Criminal Databases


The software allows you to upload databases from local or national criminal registries to alert you of any entry attempt.



Life is easier without keycards or codes. Entry is instant and entirely hands-free. No more digging through purses or setting down packages to find keys.

Reasonable Investment


This technology is surprisingly affordable, particularly when included as part of a complete Kent Services package.