Residential Communities

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It’s not just a building. It’s a home. Serving it means more than installing a few gates or cameras. It means more than maintaining the public areas and sweeping the floors.

At Kent, our programs are built to deliver five-star resort caliber care. Whether it’s the guard on patrol, the concierge in the lobby or the hard-working person cleaning the hallways, if they’re wearing a Kent uniform, they have been carefully screened and thoroughly trained to serve your community and its residents with a level of professionalism and personal accountability that’s unequaled.

Security Officers

Every Kent Officer is licensed and trained to be focused, friendly and, when called for, formidable. They adhere to clearly defined service standards that are inspired by five-star hospitality leaders. At the same time, they follow strict security protocol with training in Threat Awareness, Emergency Care/CPR, Crisis Management and more.

Security Programs

At Kent, we don’t believe in outsourcing. We build solutions using advanced systems we own, control, install, maintain and guarantee ourselves. We provide all the tried and true services, such as gates, controlled access, IP cameras, roaming vehicles, etc. But we also bring you options that break new ground. These include facial recognition systems that eliminate the need for access cards, FOBs or unsecure codes, and Smart Cameras that use advanced biometrics to instantly detect events the moment they happen, so the perpetrator can be stopped in their tracks.

White Glove Hospitality Services

For some communities, a helpful and well-trained Front Desk and Valet team is ideal. For others, we provide the added exclusivity of an onsite Concierge, whose sole purpose is to see to the needs and wants of residents. We apply our security protocol to track resident requests and monitor our own teams performance.

Building Services

We also offer a full range of building service programs:  Maintenance, Janitorial Housekeeping, Doormen, Porters and more.

Kent Secures and Serves
  • Exclusive High-Rise Condominiums
  • Single-Family Communities / Homeowners Associations
  • Active Living 55+ Communities
  • Townhome Communities
  • Gated Communities
  • Multi-Family Apartment Communities
  • Continuing Care / Nursing Home Facilities
  • Affordable Housing

Peace of Mind


From a security standpoint, Facial Recognition is unbeatable.  Cards can’t be lost.  Codes can’t be compromised.  Human error is eliminated.  Residents and tenants feel more secure because they are more secure.



This technology is stunning. It adds prestige to any address, wows visitors, and becomes the topic of conversation among friends and neighbors. It can even increase property values!

Upload Criminal Databases


The software allows you to upload databases from local or national criminal registries to alert you of any entry attempt.



Life is easier without keycards or codes. Entry is instant and entirely hands-free. No more digging through purses or setting down packages to find keys.

Reasonable Investment


This technology is surprisingly affordable, particularly when included as part of a complete Kent Services package.