Government Agencies & Facilities

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Federal, state and local government agencies face critical security challenges. Should facilities, individuals, or intellectual properties become compromised, the consequences can be devastating to our national security.

Protecting these sensitive structures and public spaces, demands an impenetrable defense built on vigilant threat evaluation; superior and nimble detection technology; online protocol and cyber security; and unyielding personnel ready to take action and take down the enemy before an event can turn tragic.

Kent delivers complete, reliable, unwavering solutions to government agencies. We have been awarded with the highly-desirable US Federal GSA designation in recognition of our unique ability to work with operatives to address critical vulnerabilities and create impenetrable solutions.

Our solutions are born from decades of military, anti-terrorism and law enforcement experience. They incorporate surveillance and security technologies that cannot be hacked or compromised. They are manned by officers who undergo intensive training in critical facilities security, terrorism awareness and situation protocol. In fact, before we place any Kent Officer at your facility, he or she will be trained onsite and required to face specific scenarios pertinent to your security. Once on the job, our officers are tracked by GPS technology and monitored via advanced imaging IP cameras to be sure they remain aware, accountable and trusted.

Government Agencies Trust Kent
  • Awarded Sensitive US Federal GSA Contracts
  • Unmatched Anti-Terrorism Expertise
  • Military & Law Enforcement Sensibilities
  • Threat Evaluation & Detection
  • X-Ray Systems
  • Weapons Detection
  • Metal Detection
  • Proprietary Facial Recognition Technology
  • Secure Access Technology
  • 24/7 Dispatch Center
  • 24/7 Remote Monitoring
  • Physical Plant Inspection/Evaluation
  • Specialized Facility Training For All Officers
  • Background Checks
  • Regular Reporting
  • Regulatory Compliance


Peace of Mind


From a security standpoint, Facial Recognition is unbeatable.  Cards can’t be lost.  Codes can’t be compromised.  Human error is eliminated.  Residents and tenants feel more secure because they are more secure.



This technology is stunning. It adds prestige to any address, wows visitors, and becomes the topic of conversation among friends and neighbors. It can even increase property values!

Upload Criminal Databases


The software allows you to upload databases from local or national criminal registries to alert you of any entry attempt.



Life is easier without keycards or codes. Entry is instant and entirely hands-free. No more digging through purses or setting down packages to find keys.

Reasonable Investment


This technology is surprisingly affordable, particularly when included as part of a complete Kent Services package.