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Our Kent Officers are Overachievers in an Industry of Good Enough

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The truth is most Security Officers are vastly unqualified and sadly unmotivated to deliver the vigilant and professional service you deserve.  They are hired to fill vacant slots, not to serve and protect.  They observe and report, rather than take a proactive approach. At Kent, we aggressively recruit the best and brightest candidates from an elite pool of licensed and experienced professionals.  Before coming to you, each has successfully completed our own Kent Academy, a training regimen that far exceeds legal requirements and industry standards. Our men and women arrive onsite prepared, polished and professional.  They are trained to deliver five-star service standards.  They are friendly faces for your residents and tenants and formidable foes for those who threaten your security.

We’ll Build a Customized Kent Security Force Around Your Requirements:
  • Kent Uniformed Officers
  • Private Label Uniformed
  • Unarmed/Armed
  • Front Desk/Guard Gate
  • K-9 Units
  • Specialized Medical Training
  • Plain Clothed Protection
  • Roving/Golf Carts/Marked Vehicles

Your Kent Security Team

Key Features at a Glance

Unequalled Training

The Kent Academy is the most rigorous training and licensing program in the industry. Kent Officers are trained in crisis management, threat awareness, customer service, CPR and first aid, anti-terrorism and many other critical areas.

GPS Tracking

Using GPS technology in cell phones, radios, and in cars, we know exactly where our Officers and Roving Patrols are at any given time. If they’re not where they are supposed to be, we will know about it instantly.

Officer Monitoring

We are proud of our Kent Officers. But we are also realistic. That’s why we take solid steps to monitor their service. The cameras we install to protect the property are also used to monitor guard gates, front desks, and roving patrols. We want to see the great job our Kent Officers are doing. If they’re not, we have a zero tolerance policy.


Kent Officers wear clean, crisp, uniforms; maintain a well-groomed personal appearance; and adhere to a strict code of conduct that proudly reflects our company and those we serve.

Crisis Experts

Kent Officers are trained to be valuable resources and effective leaders in any type of crisis, emergency, or natural disaster. When these situations occur, our officers will step up to the task.

Service Pledge

All Kent Officers formally pledge to meet our own Principles of Outstanding Service. As a reminder, each carries a personal pledge card with them at all times.