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Irrespective of the progress in technology, security guards are a vital component in the security system of every building, whether it is a home, office, commercial building, retail establishment, restaurant, airport, railway station…the list goes on and on. The professional security officer is usually the first person on the scene and is trained to observe people around, as well as within, the premises.

Even though the crime rate is decreasing in New York, security guards are essential for homes, offices, educational institutes, and other public buildings to ensure the safety of people and property.

Security Guards

Security guards can be seen providing protection to the public in different locations including municipal buildings, retail stores, and office buildings. You will even find security officers working as transportation security screeners, and gaming surveillance officers. Some of these guards may even be armed so that they are readily prepared to tackle adverse situations.

The job of a security guard is not very easy. The vast majority of guards are on their toes either patrolling buildings and grounds or performing other specific tasks. In fact, many times, these professionals have to work for longer hours or in shifts to provide comprehensive surveillance around the clock. It is often seen that security guards have a good deal of contact with public and employees. Even though the work looks to be routine, it can turn hazardous quickly and without warning.

What Does A Security Guard Do?

Typically, security officers:

  • Observe and report
  • Monitor closed-circuit TV cameras for suspicious activities
  • Protect the employer’s property
  • Conduct random security checks in different areas
  • Thoroughly check visitors before they enter the premises

Thus, it is imperative for these officers to remain alert, looking out for suspicious activities in and around the buildings they are guarding. They must be prepared to call the police, fire, or ambulance services for assistance during an emergency.

Sector-wise Job Responsibility

The job responsibility of a security guard varies from one employer to another. Thus, these professionals have to perform a myriad of duties as per the sector requirement.

In Retail Stores

Guards working in retail stores are responsible for protecting the people visiting the outlet along with the working staff. In addition to this, guards also ensure that all the records, equipment, money, and merchandise is secure. They are often involved with undercover store officers to avert theft by employees or customers, and detain shoplifters until the police arrive at the scene.

In Municipal Buildings

When protecting office buildings, banks, or hospitals guards ensure that law and order is maintained within the premises. They protect the organization’s customers, staff, and property from unruly clients who may cause a disruption in the normal day to day operation.

In Historical Places

For people visiting historical monuments, museums, exhibitions, or art galleries, security guards provide protection by observing all participants and inspecting packages and personal belongings upon entering and exiting the building.

In Highly Vulnerable Premises

The security guards working in government buildings, airports, railway stations, religious facilities, schools, and military bases protect critical information by checking the credentials of vehicles and personnel entering and leaving the premises. The step ensures that only authorized personnel can gain access.

At Universities and Sports Stadiums

Crowd control at universities and sports stadiums on game day is an uphill task. Diligent security guards work in coordination with police personnel to ensure things are always under control. Besides crowd control within the premises, the guards also supervise parking and seating, and direct traffic flow outside for smooth passage.

Transportation Security Screeners

Guards working as transportation security screeners shield people, transportation equipment, and freight at train stations, airports, and other transportation facilities.

Wrapping Up

A security guard is often the first point of contact for a visitor entering any premises. They are trained to judge people from their behavior and body language. Thus, they can observe individuals who have the intention of causing harm to others. Whether your New York building is residential or commercial, you must consider employing security officers, in addition to the latest security technology, to protect your premises.

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